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Answers for 10/28/07- 11/3/07

I'll re-state this in the opening rules for the next thread:

I've reminded, warned and begged all I'm going to. I've not followed-through on my zero-tolerance banning thing and the thread is slipping for it. Thus:
1) You're posting your question only. Not a comment on the last one, not a mini-review, not a thank you, nada. Question only.
2) You're not answering questions. I'm opening it up for mods to answer stuff that's been covered already, but otherwise don't answer.
3) You slip, you're gone for a week. You're reading what I'm taking the time to write; you can return the courtesy of following the rules.'

I'm sorry if this comes across as overly picky, but it's for the benefit of all readers.

Now - no more nagging, more answering . . .

Question #1 wrote:Something else I've been wondering about as far as Sega's involvement on things is about Mighty. I see he's featured quite a bit in the comics, but is MIA in the games. Is Mighty officially comic exclusive at this point?

No, Mighty is still Sega's. Ultimately everything is Sega's, but that's a different kettle of fish. We get more creative freedom with Mighty since he's such a minor/obscure SegaSonic character.

Question #2 wrote:Has there been any word from Sega about a SA style design upgrade for Mighty (like what Espio, Charmy, and Vector got)? Would you guys be interested in pursuing such a thing, or are you content with adding eye color to the original look.

As mentioned in the previous answer, Mighty is something of a bottom-of-the-barrel character. Sad but true. The recent trend in characters leads me to believe Mighty won't be seeing another game, and as such, I sincerely doubt Sega would spend the time/money/resources to update a property they don't plan on using. As such, I don't see much reason for us to "update" his look for the sake of updating.

Question #3 wrote:I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but will Dark Super Sonic ever appear in the Sonic X comic?

Incredibly unlikely since Dark Super Sonic stems from Metarex shenanigans and we currently have no plans of entering the third season of the show.

Question #4 wrote:How does a typical day in your life play out?

Seeing as I set my own schedule, there really isn't a typical day. Most days are spent running errands, working around the house, job hunting and/or working on other projects. Depending on where SONIC or SX is depends on when I conference with Mike. For example, we wrapped up "Enerjak: Reborn" months ago, so for about six weeks I was without an assignment. Then came the following story arcs, which are in the process of being revised right now. After that I'll probably see a few weeks of nothing again.
I like to immerse myself in my work. After a brainstorming session on the phone, which can last up to an hour, I'll take a day to write the rough draft. I'll let it sit overnight and return to it in the morning for a re-read and to catch any blatant gramatical errors (which tend to crop up around Hour #4 of uninterrupted writing) and send it off to Mike. Not long after we'll go over revisions on the phone, I do said revisions, and send the final script.

Question #5 wrote:Will we ever see Soleanna in the comic? Or even mentionned?

I hope that one day I'll be able to spell out my vision for the United Federation in ArchieSonic, of which Soleanna would be included. I don't plan on doing more than giving it a polite nod, but you never know what may happen down the road.

Question #6 wrote:Are the events of Secret Rings canon in the comic continuity?

No. The tie-in comic we did with Sega was written on a SegaSonic base. Unless you want to say the magic of the book took Sonic out of normal time and he lost his memories of his adventures once he returned home, but at that point I think it's getting silly.

Question #7 wrote:What happened to Robotnik in issue 50? I assume he was killed? Something about Metal Eggman and metal Snivley?

Dr. Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator took the unique life-signs of its targets and erased them from Creation. Snively betrayed Robotnik and dumped the data base that contained all of Knothole's residents and replaced it with Robotnik's life-data/aura/whatever you want to call it. When the Ultimate Annihilator fired on Robotropolis, Robotnik was erased from existance.

By STH#75 it was revealed another Dr. Robotnik had come to the Prime Zone. He appeared to be the Black-Metal Robotnik from the "Night of A Thousand Sonics" story, but the continuity on that is iffy. Long story short: the new Robotnik's body was destroyed, but his mind downloaded into a robotic shell the original had created as a back-up, thus giving us our current "Eggman" design.

The new Dr. Robotnik had the ability to roboticize with touch, ala the Midas gold touch. He used it to roboticize Snively, who retained his free will. Together they were blown up and reborn in new robot bodies a few times. Ultimately they were turned into flesh-and-blood by an alien species called the Bem. That's it in a nutshell.

Question #8 wrote:Loved how you and Tracy worked the Launch Base into #181, but since we hadn't seen it before, I'm wondering: Who built it? How did it get there?

Let's call it a leftover of the previous Guardians cleaning up the radioactive mess that ravaged the island during Hawking's tenure. If that's too continuity heavy for you, call it ruins left after Dr. Eggman's invasion.

Question #9 wrote:Will we ever see Feist's backstory? Basically nothing is known about this guy except that he's Lord of the Special Zone of Silence.

Probably not. It adds to the mystique.

Question #10 wrote:Do you think there's a reason why Monkey Khan apparently gave up on taking his revenge on Robotnik [and the Overlanders from Space]?

I can't even begin to speculate what Karl Bollars intended at the time. Presently, we can assume it's because he's busy with matters at home.

Question #11 wrote:Is Komi-Ko one of the echidnas who are dead?

As of right now, no, Komi-Ko is considered among the living.

And now we close the topic in lieu of a new month! Questions from 11/4/07 will be carried over into the next thread.
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