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Postby Ian Flynn » Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:19 am

I hate to say it, folks, but this is the next-to-last update for a bit. I'll finish out December, but then I really need to focus on other stuff. Hopefully we'll start up again in February.

So....ask while you can!

Question #1 wrote: Since we've already asked this with Eggman & Mogul: what would be your interpretation of Mobius if the Dark Legion won?

That all depends on which version of the Dark Legion you mean. If you mean Menniker's legion, the island would've been returned to its full technologically enhanced state, pushed further, but would probably have ultimately come into conflict with the Eggman Empire. The same goes for Moritori Rex, Luger and, to some degree, Kragok. Dimitri is a totally different spreadsheet's worth of possibilities.

Lien-Da, however, has a much more wordly view with her Dark (Egg) Legion. If she were to rise to absolute authority and win control, it wouldn't be a matter of conquering the island and echidna society, but a matter of conquering the Eggman Empire. Echidnas would rise to the dominate force again, technological supremacy would take hold (not a big change, but you get the idea) and Mobius would become enslaved - the "lesser races" working to serve the echidna elite.

Question #2 wrote:Considering the morals of characters like Sonic & more chivalrous natures of those like Antione, how well do you believe it would settle with them if they were fully aware (assuming they aren't) that some of the DEL legionaries they've been smacking around silly might be women?

Sonic wouldn't have much issue with it, I don't think. He might be faster to apologize, but in his mind a jerk is a jerk, regardless of gender. They're a baddie needing a boppin', and he's just the dude to deliver it. Antoine could reach the same conclusion, but I think he'd need to mull over it longer.

Question #3 wrote:Now that Lien-da's Grandmaster of the DEL, who's Kommissar?

Nobody. One reason is we haven't seen a Kommissar under any other Grandmaster but Kragok, and given the circumstances, it may have been a position to placate the Lien-Da supporters within the Legion. Another reason would be that Lien-Da wouldn't want anybody else with even a hint of power near hers.

Question #4 wrote:Last week I asked about Bark's personality. Same question, but this time about another mute, Chaos.

I don't think Chaos has a "personality" so much as it has "emotional reactions." Its natural state is one of peace and calm. When it feels it or its children are threatened, there isn't a period of deliberation or rationalization, it just goes into "KILL ALL RARGH" mode.

Question #5 wrote:Out of all the villains in the series, which one do you think would pose the greatest threat to Sonic, if they were all at full power.

Robotnik, with Mogul as the runner up. Because even if Mogul were to go full-blown, reality-smushing Master Mogul again, I figure the ol' Eggman could trick him out of the power. Or invent something that would steal that power or at least divert or contain it. He's like a fat, wacky Batman in a way. (Hairier Luthor, perhaps?)

Question #6 wrote:What villains from the comic do you think would make great bosses in a Sonic game?

Eh . . . not too many of them, really. Naugus could potentially work as an element-per-boss-fight themed boss, but none of them really fit the game formula in my mind. Maybe Enerjak in a Super Sonic-styled fight, like out of the Fairy Tale series.

Question #7 wrote: When Knuckles was Enerjak, was he using his own Chaos powers, or was he only using the Master Emerald's power?

When Knuckles returned from the dead, the price he paid was his own Chaos powers. It wasn't until he reconnected with the Master Emerald in "Return to Angel Island" did he regain any of his unique skills. As Enerjaknuckles, he was pulling his power from the Master Emerald - hence why he needed to recharge after being affected by the Egg Grapes.

Question #8 wrote:At the end of StH #70, Sleuth, Drago and the Fearsome Foursome (except for Predator Hawk, who took off with Kodos and Uma Arachnis who flew away in the Winged Victory) were re-captured and taken back to prison. However, in their next appearance in StH #117 they are all free with no mention of any escape, and Predator Hawk is amongst them again. Unless you plan to address it somewhere in the comics or encyclopedia and thus can't spoil it here, could you tell us what Sleuth, Drago and the Fearsome Foursome were up to between StH #70 and StH #117?

Canonically? No idea. Chilling out, scheming, any number of things. Non-canonically? They were basking in the fluidity of loose continuity. That's one gap I don't think we need to fill in.

Question #9 wrote:Is the echidna seen with Hawking on page 13 of KtE #5 during the history playback Mathias? I ask because he seems to be the only Guardian who could have been working with Hawking at the time and had an "M" on his uniform, yet IIRC it was said in a letters page that was Tobor.

I'm still deliberating on that since the continuity is a bit sticky there. I don't know whether I want to make more of that moment or to do a quick patch on it. Let's table it for later.

Question #10 wrote: If you could give a bit of a detailed explanation here, how do you feel Moritori Rex viewed his son Luger?

In a word: dissatisfied. I don't think Rex outright hated his son; I think there was still a small, "human" part of him that felt at least a responsibility to acknowledge him. But I don't think he lingered on the news of his death. While Rex was busy scheming in the Primeverse, Luger achieved very little in terms of returning to Angel Island. I see Rex as being disappointed with Luger's apparent lack of drive or viciousness, which is why he turned his attention to the next generation.

Question #11 wrote:how old are the sonic parents? Ian, Armand, Jules, Amadeus et

There really isn't any solid info to work from on their ages. If you factor in the ten years many were roboticized, many of them are technically older than they are physically. They're all within the late 20s-30s range, except the first two you mentioned; Ian St. John and Armand D'Coolette are dead.

Question #12 wrote:are one of Sonics grandparents named Olgivlie?

Sure was.

Question #13 wrote:what kind of personality does Mace have? and then I mean in the 25-30 years later comics

We've barely seen Mace in the MxYL universe, but I imagine he's a bit more out-going and trusting than his brother.

Question #14 wrote:What species of hedgehog is Sonic, I heard from someone that he's part Western European and part African Pygmy, or is the whole species thing not around anymore?

He's a mobian hedgehog. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Question #15 wrote:How much older is Uncle Chuck to Jules or is it the other way around?

They were seen in Nate Morgan's class together, but that could mean nothing if mobians go about teaching their youth in a different way than we do. I would think Charles is a bit older, maybe by a few years at most.

Question #16 wrote: Do you have any idea what happened to the Overlander Overlord after the Great War?

Oh, I've got ideas. But as far as history is concerned, he seems to have vanished.

Question #17 wrote:If the rings can grant any wish like bringing Jules back from the dead, couldn't they also be used to wish him to be deroboticized and healed, or wish for a super transformation since their energies can access the Chaos Force?

Don't forget they can also force someone as powerful as Naugus into another dimension! Yeah, the powers of the rings have really pushed the boundaries and it's part of the reason I've not been eager to touch them. Why don't they just stockpile some rings and wish for world peace? FWASH! End of comic!

Right now I'm hinging my thoughts on that the most crazy ring use (clairvoyance, dimensional shifting, resurrection) were all performed by Sonic and during moments of uncertainty or knee-jerk reaction. I don't want to tip my hand, but let's say for now that it's not so much the ring's power as it's a combo of Sonic and the rings.

Question #18 wrote:Seeing that they're both immortal, do you see any common bond, understanding, or comradery between Mogul and Shadow? That haven't interacted much, so it would probably be pure speculation.

Not really, no. They're both immortal, but Mogul is the only one of them to have actually lived with it. Shadow hasn't been active very long and spent fifty years asleep. Aside from that, Mogul is a completely selfish, horrible person while Shadow is rather compassionate . . . in his own special way.

Question #19 wrote: Considering all the magical characters in the book; Fini, Regina, Mogul, etc. Do you know what would separate Naugus from them if he was to be reintroduced?

Part of it is presentation. Mogul, Finitevus and Regina are all stately to some degree. They're all about presentation. Mogul trots out his verbose personal lexicon, Finitevus poitns out how much smarter he is, and Regina "MREE-HEE-HEE"s while asserting her dominance. Naugus isn't nearly that classy. He's loud, he's boisterous, he's very in your face. He still does his fair share of grand standing, but he does it in an almost vulgar fashion.

In terms of power, the others are very clean in their magic. Mogul works in bold, broad strokes. Finitevus uses the Warp Rings. Regina has those nifty circuit-glyphs. Naugus just throws fire around, errupts some rock - WATER OUR OF NOWHERE - hey there's a tornado now - he's much more animated in his use of his magic. Also - crystal magic.

Question #20 wrote: Do you have any plans for Dulcy?

It pains me to say it, but no, not right now. She's such an odd fit to the Freedom Fighters, let alone to the book. She more often than not steals the show whether she intends to or not. Until I think of a good way to incorporate her, she's out of the mix.

Question #21 wrote: I realize that MXYL is not the "real" future. But is it safe to assume that all possible futures take place on a split timeline, but then they all fuse into Silver's future at the end?

More or less. I know that doesn't work perfectly, but chalk it up to the nuttiness of time-travel.

Question #22 wrote: Had Sonic Universe not popped up, how would the outcome of either Shadow's or Knuckles's stories have changed?

Outcome? They probably never would've happened. Or if they did, they would've been very heavily modified with Sonic as more of the focus / at the very least a key player.

Question #23 wrote:You mentioned before that aside from the legal red tape and permission requesting you would enjoy doing other crossovers with Sonic. Are there any particular crossovers you would especially like to do even if they were legally impossible and you know Sega or the other company would NEVER EVER agree to?

Sonic and Mario cross-over. It'll never happen, but man would I love to write that.

Question #24 wrote:With the Ancient Walkers gone, I recall the term "Neo walkers" being used though I can't remember who said it. Will we ever see them at all or being involved in the story at some point (if there are in fact new Ancient walkers floating around)?

The Neo Walkers move in mysterious ways. They will reveal themselves when the time is right.

Question #25 wrote:In the games, Rings are currency. In the comics, mobiums are currency. Do you see rings ever devolving into a form of money in the comic to make it more like the games?

As soon as we find a way to de-power them, which seems highly unlikely. Can you imagine running your car off a nickle? How about pinching a dollar to foresee the week's lottery numbers? And the term "throw cash at it" would have a completely new meaning for medical science.

Question #26 wrote: If you could bring back one dead character who would it be?

It's a toss-up between Kragok and Kodos. Kragok's the better character, but I really like Kodos's design.

Question #27 wrote:Are there any game locations you would like to bring into the comic?

Little/Miracle Planet and Never Lake.

Question #28 wrote:Any chance of seeing Metal Sonic in the near future?

I wouldn't say "near" future, no...

Question #29 wrote:Were the Three unnamed weasels that teamed up with Nack related to him? (Mobius Encyclopidia says their His and Nic's cousins but people have told me on here that the is no relation)

Honestly, I don't remember off the top of my head, and I don't have my notes on-hand. They're dead, so it's a moot point really. Sloppy answer, I know.

Question #30 wrote:Whatever happened to the Devils Island Gulag after the mass breakout in #63? Is it still used as a prison at all?

It's still sitting out in the ocean, empty. Given that New Mobotropolis has its own prison, I don't think the gulag's in use anymore.

Question #31 wrote:You mentioned in the last set of answers that you don't ever intend to bring him back, so what was your personal opinion of Warlord Kodos in the comic?

I'm a sucker for over-the-top beserker type characters, so design-wise he was fun. He could've been interesting as a mid-tier boss of sorts. I didn't like the way he went out, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Or lion, in this case.

Question #32 wrote:Does the red chaos emerald retain the properties it had when it was a bunch of separate emeralds on Thoraxia?

No. All the Chaos Emeralds are the same in terms of their properties now.

Question #33 wrote: In your opinion, what would life be like for a Mobian living in Station Square?

Probably a little awkward, given that mobians are still pretty new to the humans. I'm sure there's a bit of culture shock for everybody. But I don't think it would be uncomfortable.

Question #34 wrote: Are there any limits and boundaries to which characters you can use? As in, are there any past COMIC characters that, for some reason or another, you're not allowed to reuse?

No, I can't think of anyone in the book I can't touch. Even the deceased ones have room in flashbacks.

Question #35 wrote: I don't suppose you ever read Astérix? Because Jun Kun getting all frustrated in front of the enemy city reminds me a lot of Astérix in a good way

No, I haven't read Astérix, but I know a bit of it, and it has my appreciation. It sounds like a really fun, wonderfully punny series.

Question #36 wrote:Why is Jon (Rod o' the Hedge's son) an echidna and not a hedgehog?

He sure looks like one, although you might argue those are Amy Rose-like spines. If he is truly echidna, it's just luck of the genetic draw.

Question #37 wrote:Just to be safe is the Dark Presence sleeper agent name really Misty-Re?

She's never appearing again. You can call her that if you want.

Question #38 wrote:You said that Dragon Kingdom is located in what is basically a Mobian Asia so would Chun-nan (from Sonic Unleashed) also be located here if it were to exist in the comic?

Yup, although closer to the "Europe" region so-as to be accessible to the rest of the United Federation.

Question #39 wrote:From what I understand Evil Sonic's transformation into Scourge is a Super transformation gone wrong. That said would Scourge turn back into Evil Sonic if a Chaos Syphon was used on him or would it just simply/seriously weaken if not kill him assuming it has any effect on him in the first place?

No, it's just a physical mutation. The Chaos Syphon would have no effect on him.

Question #40 wrote:Aside Tommy and Drago, does a character's popularity affect how you write?

A bit. I took the time to rebuild Sally because she was such a fan-favorite. I took great pains to make Ken Khan more likably given past reactions to him. If, by the end of the current arc, it seems like the whole Dragon Kingdom character set isn't that popular, we probably won't see them for a long while.

Question #41 wrote:How do you feel about Scourge as a character, in your personal opinion? I heard he wasn't too popular since his recurrent appearances after #160-161.

I think he's fun. As I've said in the past, he works on two levels: you can either take him as a serious character study of what Sonic would be like without morals -OR- you can take him lightly as a jab at some of the less inspired "edgy" fan-creations over the years.

As for popularity, he's exceedingly popular. I helped to create a monster. The general sentiment seemed that he had worn out his welcome by the end of "A Bold, New Moebius" but that's primarily because he was in everyone's face for half a year.

Lemme put it this way: I've seen more fan mail for prospecitve children of Scourge than I've seen for Antoine and Bunnie. Folks love him. He's just on hiatus for a while.

Question #42 wrote:You mentioned SEGA considers Emerl (and Gemerl) Sonic-X exclusive and they aren't keen on Gizoids in the comic altogether. If something like the Nocturnes were introduced, could you at least work in a refrence to awknoledge the Gizoids as part of their backstory?

I don't know. Given that the gizoid models used by the Nocturnus only have a passing resemblance to Emerl, we might could get away with it. We'll just have to wait and see.

Question #43 wrote:Stemming from the above question: If the Gizoids, like Cream were used in a lot more games would you have a case to use them in the main comic like you guys did for Cream?

Maybe? I'm not overly eager to trot out a bunch of gizoids anyway, given that one alone could've trashed every SWAT, COM bot and the Badnik Horde. They've over-powered, and the book already has a bit of an issue of dealing with escalation.

Question #44 wrote:What was your first experience with Sonic (how old were you, was it the games, comics, etc.)?

It was Sonic 2 on my brand new Christmas Genesis. My brother and I played it hardcore. Never could get through Wing Fortress Zone legitimately, though.

Question #45 wrote:Why was the Knuckles Clan's attire and technology so tribal and primitive compared to that in Albion, where they had just departed from?

"Just departed from" makes it sound like they landed in the Mysterious Cat Country and split up with the other colonists in a matter of days. The Knuckles Clan adopted their more rustic trappings in their ongoing campaign to conquer the region. It's probably why the other colonists didn't make much of an effort to bring them along.

Question #46 wrote:With the Iron Dominion Arc less than halfway finished, I am curious to know; what were your opinions on the previous Monkey Khan stories? They might have been disliked by many, but something must have inspired you to bring the characters and the Dragon Kingdom back!

I thought they were full of potential. You had a very Sonic-like stand-in in Monkey Khan who stood out enough to be his own protagonist. You had vastly untapped potential in the Iron Queen and King, and the whole region steeped in mystery - to the point we didn't even know there was much to be mysterious! I don't know what exactly caught my attention, but it was the potential that had me bring it all back up.

Question #47 wrote: Just wondering, how did you feel about the Vector, Charmy, and Espio's new look in Heroes? Were you happy about the change or did you think it wasn't such a hot idea?

Eh, I wasn't thrilled with them at the time, but I've grown accustom to them.

Question #48 wrote:In regards to the Mysterious Cat Country's culture, do you consider that whole "we eat children who misbehave thing" canon, or is it more likely just some form of bravado?

Oh, I think they're legit about that. Their whole society is crazy.

Question #49 wrote: Is there any situation/threat on Mobius-Dr. Finitevus, Feist, etc.-that might provoke the Neo Walkers to action against it if it looks like Sonic and co. can't handle it?

I'm sure there is. The problem, however, is that it's their call.

Question #50 wrote: Exactly how did moving the Robotropolis power siphon underground keep the fallout from spreading through the environment?

...because it didn't affect the containment at all? The deal Sonic made with the Iron King was to leave the shield over Robotropolis up to keep the nuclear debris contained. The power siphon was pulling power from the city to power New Mobotropolis - which it's still doing, just underground now.

Question #51 wrote: As we all know, a previous writer of the comics had attempted to kill off Princess Sally back in 1997, but was ordered by SEGA to revive her, due to how popular/recognizable she was back then. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then, and even you yourself have said that, while Sally is still the most popular/recognizable non-SEGA character in the franchise, she no longer seems to even register on SEGA's radar. So my question is, hypothetically speaking, if you decided to kill off Sally in the comics right now, do you think SEGA would take any notice of it at all and forbid you from going through with it?

I am 99.9% certain I could kill off the entire SatAM cast in fiery, horrible ways and SEGA wouldn't notice. Not that I would do that, since I would then be killed in fiery, horrible ways by the fandom.

Question #52 wrote:I'm curious about the energy Sonic needs to maintain his speed; does he have to consume massive amounts of calories, or is he like the Flash and draws his energy from some other source?

Until I get to a canonical reason: don't over-think the cartoon hedgehog.

Question #53 wrote:Do the Overlanders in the United Federation experience informal racism from their human "cousins"?

Why is it that all the Overlander/human questions start out with such negative overtones? It's like you guys want strife.

I'm sure there is some degree of culture shock between the two societies, but they're integrating nicely.

Question #54 wrote:If given the opportunity, would you ever like to revisit the Sandblast Freedom Fighters?

Sure. Bad good-guys are fun.

Question #55 wrote:Does Sega currently have anything against adding concepts from the other Sonic cartoons other than Sonic X and Sonic Underground?

Yes - as in we can't add anything. Underground, SatAM (apart from what's already there), AoStH, Sonic X, the original anime short - nothing.

Question #56 wrote: Is GUN the protector of all the human states within the United Federation? Do [some, any of] the individual states have their own military forces (besides Station Square's OTIS computer)? Is Paladin Team Sigma Alpha-2 an official unit of GUN, or are they mercenaries, or what? In StH#98 Hugo Brass "hires" them to bring in Sonic, but the only time I've seen a "G" insignia on the uniform of any SA-2 member is on the very next page, after SA-2 has been hired, armed, and briefed.

I'm combining all these since they're interconnected.

The Guardians Units of the Nation safe-guard all of the United Federation, with individual groups based in each city-state. Each group is run by a general (i.e. General Hugo Brass of Station Square), and they all answer to Commander Abraham Tower, based out of Central City. SA-2 is a special operations unit of the Station Square G.U.N. unit.

The rest of the questionable bits are just misunderstandings and rough patches from integrating SegaSonic material on the fly. I can't pave over every plot hole (try as I might).

Question #57 wrote:Are Rob's Deerwood Freedom Fighters (Crazy Critters) still around?


Question #58 wrote:In your opinion, is it a good idea or a bad idea for someone who wants to apply for a writing position on the comic to show scripts he or she intends to send into archie on the BumbleKreative Korner forum to get fan input?

I'd offer caution. I think we've got a good group of posters here, but you never know who's lurking as a guest. Posting anything in public gives you the risk of being plagiarized. Which didn't stop me when I did it - HA! It's entirely up to you.

Question #59 wrote:When Sonic was in space for a few weeks, a year had happened. Since Tails's parents were in Argentum all along, were they there less time than it seemed in Mobius or was it Sonic's travels themselves that caused the difference in time?

Now we're getting into relativity and space vs. time and a whole bunch of physics that I don't know. I would think that time passed fairly normally for the Prowers once they were settled on Argentum, so they wouldn't be that much older/younger than the rest of the Freedom Fighter parents.

Question #60 wrote:How would you describe Argyle's personality?

He's very sweet-natured and a bit of a geek. (Okay, very much a nerd). He's heroic and compassionate.

Question #61 wrote:Do you perfer short story arcs, or long story arcs?

I gravitate towards longer story arcs, which is a habit I'm trying to break next year.

Question #62 wrote:Most of the popular and recognized cast have a love interest / partner (like Sonic with a few, Knuckles-Julie-Su, Sally-Khan, Bunnie & Antione etc.), what about Tails, beside the crush with Fiona?

He's too young for a serious relationship.

Question #63 wrote:What kind of weapon was in the mouth of the Egg Tortoise?

Another laser cannon.

Question #64 wrote:In the prime zone we have definite origins for mobians. Mainly the Xorda gene bombs. In other zones, such as moebius, did mobians come about by similar means?

Given that all other zones stem from the Prime Zone, I would assume so. But given the catch-all nature of parallel universes, there are probably some out there that have different origins, or variants where mobians never formed, or where humans were the result of Gene Bombed mobians, etc..

Question #65 wrote:I was wondering. In the games ( Sonic Riders /Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) we find out that Robotnik has a company (Robotnik Inc. and/or Accivice which might be a subsidiary or an off-shoot company under a different title) which produce among things, Extreme Gear for entertainment purposes ( however it is unknown if their manufacturing line expands further to different goods other from that.) Does this version of Robotnik have a Robotnik Inc. of his own?

Probably not. Eggman's company in the Riders series struck me more of a Dr. Wily-esque "Look! I've gone legit!" ploy as opposed to anything else. While I'm sure there's some industry sanctioned by the Eggman Empire (as the mafia might back a casino), I don't think the doc personally oversees any corporate entities.

Question #66 wrote:Has writing Rouge as the leader of a team affected the way you view the character?

Nah, it's just part of her character. She's a jack (jacqueline?) of all trades.

Question #67 wrote: In your opinion what is Hope's relationship with Commander Tower like?

That's something I'd like to get to later on. We'll say "amiable" for now, not to put too fine a point on it.

Question #68 wrote: It has been all but stated that Mogul was involved in the founding of the "first" official Mobian civilization, later deposed and overtaken by the echidna. How much influence did Mogul himself have on Mobian language, religion, culture, etc?

First, a correction: Mogul was ousted by his own people. He wouldn't come into conflict with the echidnas until he led the Order of Ixis against them in the Forgotten Wars.

Now then - I would think Mogul could arguably split the credit for providing the foundations for modern thinking with the echidnas, but little would've stemmed from his initial rule. I see his rule being short and brutal - both in his actions and the actions taken to remove him from power. The other cultural aspects would've disseminated from the mobians' exposure to both Mogul's educated Ixis and the encamped echidna forces.

This is all highly suspect, though, given that the only record of this period is Mogul himself.

Question #69 wrote:The Republic of Acorn was a Kingdom (it still is, really, just vaguely parliamentary) until very recently, but we don't have much information on the overall structure of governance. Given that it is/was a kingdom, there must be some form of noblesse oblige backing the power of the monarchy. What would you say the nature of the social organization is similar to in terms of historical examples: Autocratic France, Tsarist Russia, Victorian England, the Holy Roman Empire, a Tribal Confederacy, etc?

You're over-thinking the issue. This is light-hearted fantasy, in which kingdoms are supported by the fact that people like kings (or at least up until recently). There are no solid real world parallels to be drawn, and to do so is to betray the very spirit of the comic. There's a fine line to treating the material maturely and burdening it with some misguided notion of "applied reality."

The King was king because he said so and the people went with it. Simple as that.

Question #70 wrote:Space is the ultimate high ground and an immense force multiplier. It is an invaluable platform for observation, coordination, harassment and even interdiction. Does anyone have any meaningful space lift capability anymore, and are they using it?

I would think this obvious, but apparently not: no. The United Federation has been hiding underground for thousands of years. The Overland crumbled at the end of the Great War, providing no means of supporting its failed space-based operation. Albion reached space and then turned inward until their destruction, and the rest of Mobius seemed to have only gotten into modern air-travel before being repressed by the Eggman Empire. That would leave only the Eggman Empire, and the comic has chronicled its very terrestrial-minded operations focusing on oppressing its subjects, solidfiying its holdings, and an obsessive preoccupation with the small insurgency outside the capital city/cities over the past ten-odd years.

Question #71 wrote:How did the the Freedom Fighters come to aquire that Dark Legion saucer seen in 175?

It's the same saucer as the ones used during the "Sonic's Angels" story by Ken Penders. We first saw them post-Endgame when Knuckles and Julie-Su piloted one down to the recently reclaimed Old Mobotropolis. It stands to reason it was reverse engineered since them.

Question #72 wrote: Is having Angel Island currently being chained to the ground in Downunda a homage to Sonic CD (where Little Planet has something similar happen) or is it just a coincidence?

Hey! Neat connection! That's totally coincidental, but it's a fun parallel.

Question #73 wrote:You mentioned in a previous "Ask Ian" that overall you were surprised (in a good way) at how the various artists have handled your script with one exception where you said you had something very specific in mind. Can you reveal what that scene/section was?

Whatever I was thinking of has long since slipped my mind.

Question #74 wrote:Would it be difficult for you to write an entire issue containing no words? All you would have to do was dictate actions, but no words, not even sound effects.

It would be in that I would need to have a story that could be simple enough to be told totally through pantomime, but still interesting. Marvel Comics did an entire month's worth of books with that gimmick, and some of them were really well done. It's a challenge I'd like to tackle at some point.
(the other half of the challenge would be having a good artist to render it, but since those aren't in short supply, I think I'd be safe there)

Question #75 wrote:You said here that you originally intended to boot Ray out of the Chaotix and have him go off with Fiona. Granted, this is ancient, but what made you change your tune and give him a bigger part in the ongoing SU arc? You also said in #2's link that Fiona had "a good heart." Who's idea was it to have her go traitor anyway?

I'm combining these since they make reference to a whole bunch of public springboards I put out online when I was still hoping to join the book. Keep in mind that those were written back in 2003 when I was less experienced. I didn't join the staff until late 2005 and my first issue wasn't until the next year. So a great deal of the plans I made then have since been rendered moot or transformed into something else... or been completely forgotten. Ha!

Since Ray is sticking around with the Chaotix, I thought I'd try to beef up his character some and show his interaction within the Chaotix. He'd been on the sidelines so far in the series. As for Fiona, having her make the "heel turn" and join Scourge was the more interesting option at the time. Given the interest in her character as a villain (for good or for ill) to this point, I'd say it was the right choice.

Question #76 wrote:Seeing as how he's under gone some of the most changes, both physically and personally, how do you feel about Vector and his growth throughout the series?

I think he's been created and maintained a nice balance of being a strong secondary character who's a little bit of comedic foil and a little bit of leading straight man. As annoying as he's been in the past, I think he's also earned a healthy dose of sympathy where long-term readers can see alot of the macho swagger is a front for somebody just trying to do the right thing and not always having the best idea on how to go about it. I'd like to solidify him a bit more as a serious character, but I also have no intention of losing that lovable loser side of him.

Question #77 wrote:Okay, here's a question about Shadow. Would you say he is super fast even without those jet/hover boots?

Not Sonic-fast, but probably well beyond a mortal mobian's mobility.

Question #78 wrote:Here's a question about Sth 175 concerning that one scene where Sonic goes all out (which by the way is possibly my favorite scene of the comics, thanks Ian for all the awesome sauce scenes you've made). About how fast would you say he was going? If you don't feel like coming up with a vague mph range, would you say it was the speed of sound, a little bit over, or a lot over the speed of sound.

It's really hard to say since Knothole and the coast exist in some pretty fuzzy geography. Even at mach-1 I'd think we'd be pushing the realm of believability, and I'm not familiar enough with the other mach-stages to say how fast they are. Let's just say he was moving far, far faster than any living thing should be able to.
And now it's time again for....


Since Mobius is the future Earth, will that ever come into the storyline again like say having Sonic and FF go back in time to our past society or letting the rest of Mobius know that they are the mutated lower life forms of a past world?

This starts off pretty good, but then it hits the bolded part. That bolded part is a fan-submitted idea. It's a full plot concept, complete with a sub-plot's worth of conflict. Never, EVER do this.

1) Do you have any plans on new or re-imagined character(s) being shown during the tails adventure arc?
2) any Plans for Nack the Weasel in 2010?
3) any plans on re-visiting moebius or another zone in 2010?

All three of these are almost fine, except then they tack on the qualifiers. The "Tails Adventure arc" hasn't been officially confirmed (obvious as it may be). And asking about anything specifically showing up is no good. And putting certain things within the exact timeframe of next year is no good either. "Soon" and "near" are good words to use. Specific story arcs and years are not.

What if in issue 200, Robotnik didn't lose his sanity, escaped, built himself a new army and Fleet, would he be able to kick the Iron Dominion out of his city?

This isn't a question. This is the plot of a fan-fic. Granted, there is room for speculative discussion, but not in any way that really sheds light on anything new.
Ian Flynn
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Postby FairFieldFinder » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:01 am


#1: I'm sure the answer is obvious, but have you ever considered doing a Sonic Heroes plotline?
#2: What the heck happened to Ash Mongoose in Mobius: X Years Later?
#3: Is Fiona truly evil, or just a girl who's been dealt alot of bad cards and is in need of some serious therapy?
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Postby Ashram » Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:13 am

Since Finitevus is mainly all about resetting biological life on Mobius and is a rather vehement opposer of the "old ways"... How does Finitevus feel about Aurora and the Ancient Walkers (Ignoring the possibility that he knows they're dead, which is highly unlikely), or worshippers thereof?
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Postby KChan » Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:29 am

I wouldn't know if this is a plot point or not, but I'm curious; seeing that Jules is pretty much a robot (okay, Robian) wouldn't the Iron Queen be able to take control of him?

Are you going to do another character Q&A like you did last February, or was that a one time only thing?

This is pretty much a non-sense question: How well do you think Sonic would do on Guitar Hero?
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Postby Mavrickindigo » Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:31 am

1. You say that all cartoons are now of-limits. Have you ever had any sort of "battle" with Sega with anything old cartoon-related that you wanted to include, if so, how difficult was it to argue with them? As someone who wants to perhaps wants to try to become a writer for the comic (not head writer, no, I could never do that, especially with you there), I want to know just what kind of headaches I will be giving myself.

2. Do you feel it is a determent for someone who'd like to write for the comic, if they spent a significant time complaining about SEGA's game development and business practices? From what I understand, the bit S would be the kind of entity that would hold grudges against begrudged fans.

3. As a follow-up to my previous question that you answered: Does SEGA have a legitimate reason (possibly legal or whatever) reason for not allowing you to use cartoon stuff, or is it yet another "BECAUSE WE SAY SO?"
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Postby Vampfox » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:09 am

1. Seeing as how characters like Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow don't wear clothes, is it safe to assume that mobians are not required to wear clothes?
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Postby shigamado » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:12 pm

1.) What the heck happened to Amy's back spines?

2.) What Sonic game of the last decade (from SA2 to Black Knight) has been your favorite?

3.) If you had to start the comics series all over again and could only use SegaSonic characters, what kind of comic would it be? (Action/Adventure? Action/Comedy?)
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Postby Cinossu » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:01 pm

1) When Shadow chaos-controlled between zones, bypassing the Cosmic Highway altogether, was this possible just due to the barriers between zones essentially being low/unguarded due to the battle with Dr Nega or would something like that be possible all the time?

2) Miles, from Moebius, appears to be a more yellowy-orange colour than Tails.. why is this? Bleach? Not enough sun? Or just random difference just to show a difference (other than that lovely stylish toupée of his)?

3) Seeing as you don't like answering questions like these.. what precisely happens in Issue 210, page 5, frame 3? *runs away quickly*
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Postby PyroDaFox » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:52 pm

1: Given that she now works for the United Federation, does Rouge ever use her salary to buy jewelry?

2: Also on the topic of the United Federation, do the humans know anything about pre-Mobian times?
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Postby MegaHayzer » Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:10 pm

Cinossu wrote:3) Seeing as you don't like answering questions like these.. what precisely happens in Issue 210, page 5, frame 3? *runs away quickly*

... You're gonna ruin Ask Ian for all of us...

1. Who came up with Jun Kun's "Early Warlord" design? Was it you or one of the artists?

2. Why did you decide to update Snively's attire in #162?

3. Since Project Needlemouse is supposed to redefine the Sonic series, do you think there's ANY chance of the SA designs of the characters being axed?
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Postby Sonicmark » Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:10 pm

How do you feel about Steampunk as a sub-genre?
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Postby Super Rayzor » Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:28 am

1. I don't know if this goes into picking favorites from writing collegues, but did you have a particular comic writer; ie: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, etc.; that was a hero to you and inspired you to write or your writing style?

2. Is O'the Hedge in Rob's name his surname or a title? Either way, is Amy's surname O' The Hedge or has a title of her own?
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Postby Amir » Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:44 am

Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. I have a rather akward question this time so I apologize if it crosses a line or something.

Given that a Mobian is mostly Human DNA, in theory can a Mobian/Human couple have offspring?
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Postby SonicBlur » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:13 am

1. Were you comfortable with changing Ray's appearance even though he's an official SEGA Sonic character and in the event that if Sonic Team ever decides to reintroduce him in a game he may not look anything close to what you already have?

2. Even though I like him as he already is, is Scourge's mutation reversible and if so what conditions would have to be met in order for him to go back to being Evil Sonic? (Should have just asked this last time)

3. What inspired you so much about Knuckles that you've planned/pitched another story arc for him next year?
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Postby TheRock1525 » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:51 am

1. I'm glad to see you bringing back Geoffrey St. John. I don't know if you can answer this without spoilers, but how are you going to portray his personality?

2. Which character do you feel grew the most during your current run?

3. Finally, a fun little question: what's your favorite 2D Sonic tune?
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