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Postby Uwaaii » Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:02 pm

My first thought when I saw her was "Did they really have to put her in?" When Capcom told Archie to not use the same design, Archie could have made a different themed robot master based on her original design (I saw some fan OCs that swapped the bee-part to a duck, she was cute) or introduce a completely original female robot master with a different design. They may wanted to squeeze "Honey Woman" in the comic to appeal to the fans, but to me I rather not have her than forcing her in with not gonna say rip-off, but bad choice of design. I don't hate her, but she looks more like an OC copying Honeywoman's design rather than a redesigned Honeywoman and it rubs me the wrong way.

The KKM wrote:I'd guess, or hope at least, that Vesper Woman's skirt is made of plastic or something- hard but pliable plastic. It'd be a bit awkward but I think it'd fit the Classic Aesthetic. Better than Quake Woman's hair, at least :V

Huh, now you say it...maybe that's why I couldn't get used to her design...? Why didn't I realize earlier?

Gauntlet101010 wrote:King has a cape, Terra has magnificent hair, Roll goes into battle in her little red dress ... there are exceptions to the overall classic look, especially when you get to the later games.

Gotta admit, I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't full-on Honey Woman, but whatever.

King: simiar to the scarf boys, cool but unnneccesary accessory. Also he's the main character and boss of the game, so looking different from his fellow robot masters is explainable.
Terra: Terra=Earth, so most likely the "hair" is supposed to represent vegetation and not some meaningless part. Same goes to Pluto and Sheepman who have fur because mammal in the cold and sheep. Also like King he is a special character in the game so it can be an excuse to why he looks different.
Roll: not even a robot master. Rock has clothes in his usual form, but he changes into helmet, tights, and metal underwear when he fights. So if she did gain a fighting mode I'm sure it would be similar to that. Some of her scrapped designs are like that I think? Plum is also hair and dress, but shes not a robot master either.

I know there isn't a female robot master than Splash Woman who has no leg, so its dumb to say what's right and what's not. I also don't mean to be discriminatory if it sounds like it.
But as KKM said, exceptions have reasons to be exceptions, and Capcom has its set or rules when it comes to robo designs. They're not canon character so it's their freedom, sure, but its better for the characters to stay close to what's already established to make them more fit-in.
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