Drs. Cossack & Lalinde: could they build protoreploids

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Re: Drs. Cossack & Lalinde: could they build protoreploids

Postby Gauntlet101010 » Sun May 10, 2015 1:41 pm

Damo wrote:
LBD_Nytetrayn wrote:
Gauntlet101010 wrote:
Sunwalker wrote:Possible fan-idea, spoilering just to be on the safe side.
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Maybe the time travel elements of Xover might have altered the future and given to other doctors the technology for creating reploids.

I also remember Sigma mentioning on MMX4 that he had met Zero's father (clearly Dr. Wily, thought his identity is never directly stated). On Xover, Sigma does meet Dr. Wily. Considering that the X timeline is at least a century after Classic, it is unlikely that this meeting happened on the present of the X series (I remember about a Capcom Unity interview in which Keiji Inafune states that Wily died in the interim between Classic and X)

Then I guess that this meeting between the two is what happened during the Xover events.

No posting fan ideas? I was looking in the rules, but there's nothing like that there.

Anyhow, source materials imply Serges is Wily and I *think* X6 also implies Issoc was Wily as well. And in that very interview Inafune says Wily was brought back by a virus. No need for time travel.

You COULD, somehow, allow Cossack to make a Reploid through time travel, but ... why? It sounds like a fan fiction sort of idea.

Or at least it would, had they not already made something of an official version.

Xover, like it or not, kind of turns some things on its head-- Cossack literally seeing the future being among them.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

Darn, you beat me to mentioning Xover.

Of course this is a kinda a trick question because the line between Robot Masters and X is so vague. Sure Rock, Blues, Bass, King, Tempo, and Pharaoh Man all do things that look pretty darn human, and even a couple things that sorta resemble exercises of free will... but X's Free Will is... well, it's just Free Willier, okay?

We can't estimate how close Cossack and Lalinde's work is to X because it's just not that clear.

I think the conversation MM had with Needle illustrates the comic's idea of the difference better than other interactions (he HAS to follow Wily's commands even though he really doesn't want to). Really, I hope there's more instances like that because it really does seem arbitrary. Proto, so far, doesn't seem at all different from a Reploid in terms of free will. Without any commands programmed into them I'm not sure how classic robots differ from Reploids.

Anyhow, on Xover, until Archie gets the rights to all the other franchises I don't think we'll see Cossack building Over-1. Of course Xover is FAR in the future, past MM10. We're just past MM3 now.
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Re: Drs. Cossack & Lalinde: could they build protoreploids

Postby LBD_Nytetrayn » Tue May 12, 2015 1:33 am

Uwaaii wrote:What’s annoying about Xover is that originally the answer would have and should have been NO but now people can say “Oh but we have Xover, this is canon so it’s possible!”

I mean the official website says Xover takes place in "a world where all the other Megaman World is crossed over, making it a different/alternate universe. Capcom released Xover as a simple online party game that had all the characters in there as fan service and such, not a game that was connected to the storyline of the main MM series somehow.

And although it says OVER-1 is a reploid with "infinite possibilities" because he can collect and power himself up with the battle memories, he's just an upgraded version of Megaman/downgraded version of X. It doesn't say anything about how he thinks or feels, which is the most important part of being a reploid (having capability to think like a human). And Cossack was able to make the reploids, which is a degraded copy version of X, because he worked with Light. He is not a super genius like Light or Wily; he alone will only be able to make something either in the same level or lower than that.

So yeah you can make theorize that Cossack gained the ability to make reploids when he tagged with Light there, but you have to keep those things in mind.

Unless Capcom strikes it from canon, you can't really say with absolute certainty that it's an alternate universe.

Heck, the very first words of the Legends series are "In a world covered by endless water..."

Spoiler: show
"Wait... Statue of Liberty... that was OUR planet!"


"You maniacs! You blew it up!"

So yeah, flavor text that sets the stage without getting into specifics isn't what I'd call a solid argument, least of all from this company/series with the added possibility of something being lost in translation.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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