Shard: Precursor to Metal Overlord?

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Re: Shard: Precursor to Metal Overlord?

Postby The Shadow Emperor » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:04 pm

ReifuTD wrote:Well even if Metal Overlord can't be used right now, I can't see why Archie can't set it up so that when he can be used they can do it quickly. They been doing that with Nega for a long time now.

Because there's really no real reason to have him right now--no offense to the Metal Sonic fans out there. Hinting at yet another off-limit game character would be sure to tick people off to no end when nothing ever comes from it; I mean just look at all the begging nowadays for Black Doom and Eggman Nega, two cool game characters who we know exist in the comic universe but will probably never show up in their full capacity. And besides, the Metal Sonic in the comic really isn't sentient enough to turn against Eggman and formulate a complex domination plan, and even if a M.S. did rebel it'd basically just be another Shard except with an evil bent. One traitorous Metal Sonic is enough for now, thank you very much.
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Re: Shard: Precursor to Metal Overlord?

Postby TheFatPanda » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:06 pm


You mean like...

Having one of the Metal Sonic's (could be Shard, or one of Eggmans Metal Sonic's) suddenly strive to become the real Sonic, and having spend the rest of his days "copying lifeform data" until he can finally become MO.
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