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Postby Count Koopula » Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:36 am


Now we all see why he writes insane characters like Bean, Marine, and post-tramatic Eggman so well. :wink:

And Ian you don't have a weezey, nasally voice.
Nerdy, dry, MiddleAmerican sounding... mabey... :P Ok, so mabey weezey to.

Though, I guess I shouldn't make fun, I'm in my 20s, and I look & sound like a 15 year old... (But hey, it makes me feel less embarressed about buying geeky stuff like Sonic comics, when people probilly think I'm a kid/teen.)
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Count Koopula wrote:Nerdy, dry, MiddleAmerican sounding... mabey... :P Ok, so mabey weezey to.

ZOMG!! DO NOT talk about the amazing Mr. Flynn that way!!!!!! (hearty laughter) jk (I'm nearly 18, and I can see myself growing into one of those people very easily).

Anyway. Do you have any idea when you will be starting another ask Ian thread in the future? Ahh, when you can find the time between writing the very stuff we read and enjoy in the book of course :D

Your awesome, last thing I'm gonna say.
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*wipes away sweat*

Good lord, this took forever. Sunk in well over six, maybe close to eight hours into this. So this isn't something I could do fairly often. So, enjoy the complete transcription below.

P.S: I wouldn't have done the whole thing, but I didn't see Para and IQ's first part until my first part was almost done, and then I was nearly done with the second part when the other second part went up. So I'm just going to post the whole thing. My apologies if this steps on anyone's toes.

Complete Transcript of Ask Ian December '09 Audio Edition.

IanPotto: Hi there everybody and welcome to the first (and possibly only) audio recording of Ask Ian. Yeah, it took so long for me to finally get back to you guys I decided to do something a little special and what we're going to do is a series of MP3s for you to download and listen to and enjoy and cherish and show your grandchildren and... I don't know, something else. Uh, I'm not going to be doing any kind of editing or, you know cutting or cleaning up. I'm just gonna get this recorded, I'm going to get this uploaded so you guys can finally get your answers. Uh, this is unscripted, this is unrehearsed with the exception of two hours of recordings that I did and then everything kind of messed up on me, so some of these questions I'm going over again. But, that's, the only explanation for why if anything sounds a little scripted. So, here we go, without further ado let's start with Fairfieldfencer who is posting questions for Kagimizu.

Question #1:

I'm sure the answer is obvious, but have you ever considered doing a Sonic Heroes plotline?

The answer is... no. Because I don't think it would work at this point. Well, that's not true. We could probably find a way to make this work, but we would run into the hurdle of Sega not wanting us to use Metal Overlord or what is known in the comic as the Metal Sonic Trooper designs. And it's kinda hard to do that story arc without the principle villain. So no, no Sonic Heroes plotlines.

Question #2:

What the heck happened to Ash Mongoose in Mobius: X Years Later?

I don't know! Honestly, there's tons and tons of "What happened to...?" and "Where are they now?" and "What happened in between...?" Which is part of the fun of Mobius: However Many Years Later series. Obviously something happened between him and Mina and something else happened between Mina and Tails. That still doesn't make any sense to me but hey, whatever! It's canon now! So maybe we'll get around to answering that, I'm not sure. Next time, should we ever go back to Mobius: 30 Years Later, I'd like us to spend a little more time wrapping up loose ends from the last two times we went through before really moving on and dredging up any of the past. Which is the future. Which... at their point is the present and... ugh.

Question #3!

Is Fiona truly evil, or just a girl who's been dealt alot of bad cards and is in need of some serious therapy?

That's something I want to explore. You know over the years... it's... not something I want to answer right here or right now because that's part of the fun for her character is discovering what exactly is she? Is she someone who has just been shown the bad side of life and is reacting to it or is she really rotten to the core? I think it's a little bit of both, but whether she is ultimately good or evil is something we'll just have to see as time goes on.

Ashram asks-

Since Finitevus is mainly all about resetting biological life on Mobius and is rather a vehement opposer of the "old ways"... How does Finitevus feel about Aurora and the Ancient Walkers (Ignoring the possibility that he knows they're dead, which is highly unlikely), or the worshippers thereof?

I don't want to answer anything about Aurora right now. We're going to get into some real meat and potatoes of her character in the Encyclopedia. In terms of the Ancient Walkers though, I don't see Finitevus liking them very much. They are, or even maybe believing in them. Because here they are these beings of supposed incredible power and they haven't really seemed to do anything. At most I think he would just dismiss them or not really care about them. In terms of worshipers, I think he would flip out on them. Remember in Return to Angel Island when the parents of the little blind echidna girl came to Avatar Knuckles and said, "Please use your magic to fix her," and Finitevus just totally went off the deep end on them because they weren't actively trying to fix the problem, they were trying to... have a higher power do it for them. And I think Finitevus views that kind of complacency and that weakness as one of the lynch pins to why the world is so messed up and why it must be completely burned to the ground. He's a nice guy like that. Real snuggly.

Riley the Hedgehog asks-

I wouldn't know if this is a plot point or not

Mmmm, when in doubt probably it is.

But I'm curious; seeing that Jules is pretty much a robot (Robian) wouldn't the Iron Queen be able to take control of him?

Yes. Yes she would.

Question #2.

Are you going to do another character Q&A like you did last February

Oh man, it's already been a year from now.

Or was that a one time thing only?

I would like to do another one. It was a lot of fun. It was a great... piece of writing exercises, but it was really, really time-consuming. It took about... roughly three times as long as a regular Ask Ian and as you can see from this update, it takes me a long time to even get Ask Ian done. So, maybe... if I run into a lot of free time at some point I can consider it. Maybe if we severely limited the number of questions but for right now, don't hold your breath waitin' for it.

Question #3-

This is pretty much a non-sense question: How well do you think Sonic would do on Guitar Hero?

Well... if he had the patience to wait for all the little prompts to come down he could probably nail it perfectly. If he can run at mach speeds he probably has a visual acuity that's off the charts.

Mavrickindigo asks #1!

You say that all cartoons are now off-limits. Have you ever had any sort of "battle" with Sega with anything old cartoon-related that you wanted to use, if so, how difficult was it to argue with them?

And... goes on and on and on, let's keep with the meat of the question here. I've not had any battle with Sega about what to include from the old cartoons because really there hasn't been anything I wanted to bring back from the old stuff. The only thing I can think of... would be... the S-6 Squad, but they were already in the books so, you know, one could argue it one way or the other. I don't know how Sega would take that; I don't know if they even recognize it at that point. There really isn't anything I want to bring in from SatAM. What.. would there be? Ari? Griff? The Deep Power Stones? I mean, Griff's ugly. Bleh. And everything else doesn't really fit into what we have right now. If we could find some reason to dredge up a lot of that stuff and make it fit, I'm sure we could find a way to convince or sneak, heh heh, it in. But no, nothing really from SatAM and Sonic Underground is counted as a completely separate universe at this point, one that I don't intend on going back to check on anytime soon. So right now it's a moot point.

Question #2-

Do you feel it is a determent for someone who'd like to write for the comic, if they spent a significant time complaining about SEGA's game development and business practices?

I don't think Sega keeps a catalog of usernames of people who say unkind things about the previous games. In general, it's not a good idea to heckle and belittle the product that you want to be involved with. I have been critical myself of some of the previous game elements, but I've tried to be measured in that response and in the event that I can't find anything good to say (and I'd like to think myself an optimist) I just don't say it. Cause as the old saying goes, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Of course, if that were the fact the internet would probably be dead by now.

Anyway, #3!

As a follow up to my previous question which you may have answered

Which I just did haha.

Does SEGA have a legitimate reason (possibly legal or whatever) for not allowing you to use cartoon stuff, or is it yet another "BECAUSE WE SAY SO?"

I... I think it's a legitimate concern since they have a clear idea of what they want the product to be perceived as. And if you're using ten year old, fifteen year old material that is dated and is no longer representative of what that product is now, you don't want that distracting from what you're trying to sell at this point. If Sega wants SegaSonic to look and feel a certain way, they don't want it to be confused with an older product where most of the basis they were using was what you cold get out of a, you know, American game manual. The dichotomy between the east and west visions of Sonic were much bigger back then in the days of the cartoons than they are now, which has a much more concentrated and streamlined definition of what Sonic is. So in that regard, I think they are perfectly legitimate in their concerns about, you know, having Sonic being a solid, recognizable product and not wanting to have it distracted by previous itinerations.

Shadowfan asks-

Seeing as how characters like Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow don't wear clothes, is it safe to assume that mobians are not required to wear clothes?

Yes. Yes it is. We will be touching upon that very lightly in the Encyclopedia.

Shigamodo asks #1-

What the heck happened to Amy's back spines?

I will leave that up to you to choose between two choices. #1) A wizard did it or #2) an epic story about twenty gallons of back wax. I personally would prefer the wizard.


What Sonic game of the last decade (from SA2 to Black Knight) has been your favorite?

I... can't really... pick just one. I mean, in terms of general platformers I liked Sonic Adventure 2 the best from that range you've given me. I like Zero Gravity the best out of the racers. The RPG by Bioware was fun. Black Knight was the strongest of the Storybook series I think. I mean, I've got a lot that I enjoy individually. Heh, and then there's always Sonic '06 which is, kind of a fun example of what not to do with a Sonic game.

Question #3-

If you had to start the comics series all over again and could only use SegaSonic characters, what kind of comic would it be?

It wouldn't really be that much different from what we have right now I would think. It's the same... core characters and it would, I think we would go for the same vibe unless Sega mandated otherwise. But it wouldn't be all that different, we would just have a significantly differnet cast and far simpler lore.

Cinossu starts #1-

When Shadow chaos-controlled between zones, bypassing the Cosmic Highway altogether, was this possible just due to the barriers between zones essentially being low/unguarded due to the battle with Dr Nega or is something like that be possible all the time?

In theory it would be possible at all times. Keep in mind the situation was kind of strange since you have Shadow who is fairly unique and you had this special version of Metal Sonic that had the Trans-Dimensional engine. I mean, that's just a weird happenstance anyway. I think technically when they were going between Anti-Mobius and Blaze's world they did technically cross over the Cosmic Highway since it kind of exists in that void-ish area between all zones. But it's not like they stopped, you know, had a pit stop and then went on. They just kind of flitted straight through. Definitely the Zone Cops being distracted by Dr. Nega had a hand in them not being interrupted.


Miles from Anti-Mobius

Sorry, I feel silly saying Moebius, cause technically it should be Mobius anyway, it's pronounced that way... where was I?

Miles from Anti-Mobius appears to be a more yellowy-orange colour than Tails.. why is this? Bleach? Not enough sun? Or just random difference to show off that he is different (other than that lovely stylish toupée of his)?

Pretty much it's just to show that they're different. You know you can say that it's comb-in bleach if you want to or maybe Scourge scared him enough that he kind of permanently blanched just a tiny bit. Funny thing with the toupee is that it was not initially meant to be a toupee. In the concept art that I did before we started up Bold New Mobius, Moebius, whatever, it was just that his bangs were moussed together to give him this kind of semi more mature look than Tails' ratty 'hang-wherever' bangs. But then they were colored silver for some reason and everybody seemed to love the toupee for some reason and I figured why not? If the fans like it, we'll stick with that. And it's kinda become iconic of the character so one happy happenstance.


Seeing as you don't like answering questions like these..

Uh oh.

What precisely happens in Issue 210, page 5, frame 3?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk just wait and see.

Vulpes Pyromaniacus... did I say that right? Pyromaniacus... that guy asks #1-

Given that she now works for the United Federation, does Rouge ever use her salary to buy jewelry?

Probably not. I think part of the allure of stealing shiny things is because she's stealing. There's, you know, it's fun to her. The other part is that they're shiny. Not the level of Bean shiny but you know what I mean.

Question #2-

Also on the topic of the United Federation, do the humans know anything about pre-Mobian times?

Probably not. I would think they would have some record in some oral folklore talking of the old days when death rained from the skies and then the funny talking animal people rose up but for the most part I think it's been lost to history. I mean, we don't really have very solid records of ten thousand years ago in our time. And Humanity had to scramble to preserve itself from the Xorda invasion so I don't think they had a lot of time to commit things to memory or to the records. So I think they might have a rough idea but I don't think anybody really truly knows exactly what happened.

Hayzer the Tazer asks #1

Who came up with Jun Kun's "Early Warlord" design? Was it you or was it one of the artists?

I actually did all of the initial concept art for the Iron Dominion arc and then handed it off to the people with the actual talent and they made it look really good. Jun Kun's early design was very, very... the one we've seen in the books I should say is very closely related to the one I designed. Not a lot was changed and that makes me very happy.

Question #2-

Why did you decide to update Snively's attire in #162?

Because it was supposed to be a physical representation of him turning evil again. It wans't... it was more than just, "Oh he's going back to his Uncle to snivel and serve," it was he was no longer Colin Kintobor Jr. at that point. He had cut off the ties to his old life. He was now Snively Robotnik, he was a brand new man and he's doing his own evil thing and forget about the past. Now obviously he hasn't done that completely, he seemed to have some kind of emotional bond with Hope or at least cares for her to a degree. But at least for that turn I wanted it to mean something a little more than the usual, "Oh look, Snively's working for Eggman. Again." I wanted to have some resonance to it. So, again, I did a concept doodle for that and I handed it off to Tracy and Tracy did the absolutely magnificent piece of art that was the debut of the little green Eggman-y suit.

Question #3-

Since Project Needlemouse is supposed to redefine the Sonic series, do you think there's ANY chance the SA designs of the characters being axed?

Uh, no.

And moving on to the next page, Sonicmark asks-

How do you feel about Steampunk as a sub-genre?

Having not really read or experienced a great deal of steampunk I... can't really have an informed opinion. Just what little I've seen that has been described as steampunk has been kind of fun... looking. And interesting... and that's about all I have to say on it.

Super Rayzor asks-

I don't know if this goes into picking favorites from writing collegues, but did you have a particular comic writer that was a hero to you and inspired you to write in your own style?

Mmm, no, not really. When I was first getting into comics I didn't pay attention to the creative teams, I just read the books and enjoyed them and that's what got me to fall in love with the medium. Since then, I have started to pay a lot more attention to who does what and where. I certainly do have a few favorite writers, a few guys whose style and storytelling tropes are... what's the word I'm looking for... the way that they handle and construct their stories that I admire and aspire to. But there's nobody I really try to base myself off of.

Question #2-

Is the O' Hedge in Rob's name his surname or a title? Either way, is Amy's surname O' The Hedge or is... does she have a title of her own?

Wow, I can't read all this. No, O' the Hedge is more of a title kind of like... oh, what was that other term for Robin Hood, wasn't it called like "The Black Fox" or something like that? Maybe I'm confusing my legends. But it's not an official name. We'll be revealing that official name in the Encyclopedia. Amy is a completely different family name. She is of the Rose family so she is not of the Hedge or an O' Hedge or whatever you want to call it.

MarcusAmirKrim asks-

Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. I have a rather awkward question this time so I apologize if it crosses a line or something.

Oh-ho, that's a good way to start.

Given that a Mobian is mostly Human DNA, in theory can a Mobian/Human couple have offspring?

.... EEEEEEWWWW! BLECH BLEH! *spits* Nasty idea, unclean unclean. Okay, no. No they cannot. By the same principle that humans and chimpanzees share over 99% of the same DNA, you cannot have a human and a chimp produce a viable offspring. I don't think... yu can even fertilize one with the other. So a Mobian and a human could not produce anything. Short of nightmares.

SonicBlur asks #1-

Were you comfortable with changing Ray's appearance even though he's an official SEGA Sonic character and in the event that if Sonic Team ever decides to reintroduce him in the games he may not look nothing close to what you already have?

I didn't redesign Ray, that was done by Jon Gray, also known as Dubs here on the forum for those of you who didn't pick up on that yet, for you new folks. That was done during Karl's twilight years on the book. Personally, I'm not a fan of the jacket, I don't see how it makes sense with his pategium but his pategium don't always show up so maybe they magically retract into his ribcage. I don't know. I'm not too concerned because Ray has appeared once and I don't foresee him ever coming back. If he were to come back... I guess we would just have to see how big of a redesign it was. If it was something like classic Sonic versus Sonic Adventure-styled Sonic maybe we could strap a Super Emerald to his back and shoot him with a laser beam. If it was something much less pronounced, like the Knuckles and Tails transitions, we probably would just change it and not even acknowledge it.

Question #2!

Even though I like him as he already is, is Scourge's mutation reversible and if so what conditions would have to be met in order for him to go back to being Evil Sonic?

Mmmm... let's see. I guess technically we could find a way to reverse him but it shouldn't really be considered easy or viable. The mutation is pretty solid, it's gonna stick and it's gonna take some high-level magic or technology to really turn him back. From a non-canon, outside of the box writer's standpoint? We're not going to do it because the whole point of making him Scourge was to make him viable as a character. Turning him back into Evil Sonic would undercut all of that.

Question #3-

What inspired you so much about Knuckles that you've planned/pitched another story arc for him next year?

Assuming that you mean the second Knuckles arc for 2010 in Sonic Universe it's because of that Knuckles was my favorite of the Sonic books for the longest time. You can... dissect it, you can take it apart. Nowadays it certainly has left it's mark within the canon itself for good or for ill. But all that notwithstanding it was my favorite book. I love the lore, I love the character, I love the characters surrounding Knuckles. And it... it's my way of bringing him back into the spin-off scene at long last and wrapping up a lot of the loose ends that were dangling from when the book ended and with all the back up stories that kind of petered out after that. And it's my chance to actually add my own contribution to the Knuckles lore. I mean, come on, it... it's one thing to write for Sonic, which, you know, is one of my favorite books but Knuckles was THE book that I liked THE most for the longest time and I was upset when it was lost. So now that I can kinda bring it back in a shadow of it's former self I get to do my own thing with it. I mean, how could I NOT do that? It's right there for the taking.

Okay, so we're coming up on the almost thirty minute mark. I'm gonna cut it off right here and I will see you on part two!


Alright, and we're back for round two of Ask Ian for December 2009. I'm finally getting around to it in February of 2010. We start off with TheRock1525 who asks-

I'm glad to see you bringing back Geoffrey St. John. I don't know if you can answer this without spoilers, but how are you going to portray his personality?

I think we're going to go back to something a little closer to... when Ken was writing him or... maybe towards the end of when Karl was writing him. Where he still is a bit of a braggart, he still has that swagger, but he has that suave, debonair James Bond type air to him. So he can be a bit of a jerk but he is still a heroic character.

Question #2-

Which character do you feel grew the most during your current run?

Uh, I'd say that's a toss up between Nicole and Snively. Nicole grew out of the form given to her by Tania Del Rio and we've seen her grow up a lot since then. Alternatively, we've had Snively who's gone from good back to evil and is now hooked up with Regina and we're going to see just how much that plays off on him both this year and in many stories to come after that.

Question #3-

Finally a fun little question.

*faux British accent* Oh good.

What's your favorite 2D Sonic tune?

It's got to be... Doomsday Zone. I mean, you're flyin' around as Hyper Sonic and dodging meteors and missiles are flying and you've got that crazy awesome song in the background. Second place goes to Sky Sanctuary Zone.

LBD_ Nytetrayn asks-

You've been asked and you have answered who'd you like to cross Sonic over with, if given the opportunity. On the opposite end, can you think of something that might seem like a good idea on the surface, but that you think might not go so well for whatever reason?

I believe that would go to the Star Fox franchise. You would think talking animal people would go well with talking animal people but I don't think the two universes would really mesh very well together.Their technology is too different fundamentally, their magic is too different fundamentally. And I think the biggest hurdle from the very get-go is having Sonic walk around in nothing but shoes and gloves while Fox has had at least two wardrobe changes during the series of the games. I just don't think that the two would really mesh visually... thematically or just in general.

Shadowfan comes back to ask-

If the comic was going to end and you were able to write the final story, do you think Sega would let you kill off Eggman?

I... don't know honestly. It would all hinge on what the terms of that finale would be. If Sega were to just pull the plug we may not even get to do a finale series. It may be just, you know, that's it! License up! No more book. I would like to think they would give us time to do a grand finale to the series but I have no idea. Hopefully we'll never have to find out.

Merricks asks-

In Sonic Universe #11 is Thrash the Tasmanian Devil the Sega inspired character you mention?

Yes. Yes it is. He is actually inspired by a tiny graphical thing in Sonic & Knuckles on the Genesis. If you have it, boot it up. On the main screen when you pick between Sonic and Knuckles and you toggle between the two, the tiny little Sonic icon will segway into the Knuckles one. And during that metamorphosis it kinda turns vaguely Hedgiechidna purple. And that is actually... the very beginning of the concept for Thrash.


What inspired you to make Bill the Playtapus leave the Downunda Freedom Fighters and become a villain?

It was part of this ongoing trend I have of taking older material that wasn't fully realized or seemed like a good idea but just wasn't followed through with and putting a new coat of paint on it and giving it a fresh new spin. We had Sonic and Tails going to Downunda and finding that the brainwashed Bill was leading a bunch of angry conquering platypi... platy... platypuses... platypins... ducky beaver things. And we didn't really have much to it. And so I thought, "Well, what if we put a little bit of spin on that. We go back to the platypi trying to take over the continent again." Which makes sense because platypi are frightening evil creatures. And put Bill at the head again but instead of being a traitor, well he's still a traitor but he's a traitor to the people he's being a traitor for... You know we put a little bit of a different spin on it. And that just, it makes it fun.

Question #3-

Did Eggman create the Downunda Dark Egg Legion chapter after he recruited Dimitri, Lien-Da, and the original Dark Legion post-Enerjak Reborn?

They came... before. This is something we'll be expounding upon a little bit in the Encyclopedia. But basically Eggman had his groups gathered around the globe already. He was already doing the cybernetic upgrades in lieu of roboticization and was setting that up. When he acquired the Dark Legion he was so tickled by the dark robes and the themes of the group that he decided to attribute it to everybody within his organization. So you can kind of imagine a memo going out to everybody saying, "Hey! You're Dark Egg Legion now! Call your leaders Grandmasters and start grabbing black cloaks all over the place!" Okay, not that exactly but you get the idea. So it was the cybernetic forces coming first, the Dark Egg Legion... titles coming later.

Fish Fro asks-

It looks like robots and auto-machinations were in use throughout Mobius before Robotnik's reign. Do you have any plans to elaborate on Mobius' history of robots and how Mobians felt about them before Robotnik?

No... concentrated plans on delving into the history of Mobius between... the rise of Albion and the rise of Old Mobotropolis. There's a big gap in there, never mind the whole Forgotten Wars, where we don't really know what was going on and I kind of want to maintain that mystery. Because I think that mystery is part of the allure of... the fantasy. You have some unexplained elements that give you room to create new things and I think that if we got in and explained every tiny little piece in between, it would lose some of that fun that comes from not knowing what happened. I mean, we may touch upon it a little bit here and there as we unearth more and introduce more new material. But we're not going to get in and fully explain everything I don't think.

Question #2-

Do you consider Robotnik/Eggman an artist?

Yeah, you could consider him an artist in a sick and twisted kind of way. He likes his round ergonomic shapes. He likes to express himself through his creations. He likes the use of bold, bright colors. And he's a bit of a... performance artist with his medium being the pain and suffering of others.

Question #3-

Has Sega encouraged you and Tracy to go with more of the SegaSonic route when it comes to new designs and redesigns?

Yes. Yes they have. Actually we have all been instructed to be much more SegaSonic in the designs. So anyone who is an aspiring artist to the book, the better you can emulate the Sonic Adventure style or the Sonic X style the better. Keep that in mind.

And now we have... I couldn't pronounce this when I was going over this the first time and I'm gonna give it another shot.... Sonurtoichi (I'm sorry if I got that wrong) asks #1-

Why won't you answer fan-fiction questions:?:

Because it is protection both for myself and for the fandom at large. I don't want to run the risk of reading over something, filing it away in my subconscious and then using it again years down the road. That's not fair to the fan creatives. It is inadvertent intellectual property theft. Which I don't want to do. And it protects me, because if I don't read fanfiction, then I can't be accused of stealing anything from fanfiction. Or fanart or, you know, anything within the fan community. There's a lot of really creative people out there, there's a lot of really great ideas out there and I don't want to inadvertently take them. I would much prefer to build a book on my own merits.

Spinning out of that question #2-

I'm making a fan-fiction story about Sonic, would you read it :?:

No. And for all the reasons I just mentioned.

Mr. Saxon asks-

Overall, how happy are you with the success of the Iron Dominion with fans and the public at large?

I am... rather pleased! I set out to do a few things and they all seem to be... you know, getting exactly, well not exactly, but pretty darn close to what I wanted. I wanted to retool the Iron Queen as a viable threat and it seems pretty much everyone regards her as that. She may not be quite as respected as Naugus and Eggman, but she's not to be outright dismissed. I think a lot of people are interested in seeing where she can potentially go from here and that's all I can really ask for. Folks are going nuts over the four clans; they love the Bride of the Conquering Storm. And I also wanted to make Monkey Khan likable and people seem to be warming up to him a lot. Or at the very least, finding him more enjoyable than he was in the past.

Question #2-

You've mentioned fan support hinging on whether we return to the Dragon Kingdom after Iron Dominion is over. Has lack of fan support ever previously put you off returning to an idea since working on the comic?

Yeah... it's kinda delayed Scourge's return. A Bold New Mobius went over well, people seemed to enjoy it. But the general sentiment once it was done was, "I'm glad we're done 'cause I'm sick of Scourge". Which is understandable because he is such a BIG out-there character. I can understand him getting tiresome after awhile. So, don't expect to see Scourge pop up for a little while just because folks want to... cleanse the palette.

It also is part of the reason why we aren't seeing a whole lot of Mogul show up, because despite my best efforts, despite me loving the Mogul character, people just aren't warming up to all the Mogul stories. Not that there's been a bad reaction to them, it's just been lukewarm. So until I can figure out something cool to do with him, we'll probably keep him on the back burner for awhile.

Question #3-

If you did bring them back, would you include all of the Arctic Freedom Fighters like in their first appearance, or would you just focus on the few who made later appearances in the comic such as Sealia and Augustus?

If we bring back the Arctic Freedom Fighters, we're bringin' back the Arctic Freedom Fighters. Nothing wrong with Sealia and Augustus on their own but two characters do not a Freedom Fighter team make. We're bringin' back Erma, we bring back Flip, we bring back Guntevere if for no other reason than that name is fun to say. Say it with me now. Guntevere. Ready? One... two... three... Guntevere. See? It's a load of fun. So if we bring 'em back, we're bringin' them all back.

Next up we have Sljikcwhiter. That's... that's SLJCOAAATR. I was... being funny... trying to pronounce it like a real word... *ahem* Anyway, #1-

I believe that Eggman's Metal Sonic is called Metal Sonic 2.0. Are all the Metal Sonics called this or do they have individual names like Metal Sonic 2.1, 2.2, etc etc etc?

We're actually going to touch upon that in the Encyclopedia denoting which model was used where. I forget what number we're up to... I believe we're up to version 4, maybe it's just 3. But from... Free Comic Book Day on, those would be version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, the ones with the inter-dimensional engine, the one that flew around with Metal Scourge. Those are all kinda based off of the original model that I beleive came in Free Comic Book Day. I'd have to double check the notes on it but hey! We'll all see when the Encyclopedia comes out.

Question #2-

Are you allowed to ask SEGA questions so they can clear something up for you?

Anything I need from Sega has to be run through the editors. I have no direct contact with them. The editors basically handle all the back and forth with the Sega liaison. But generally it's they call us, we don't call them.

Question #3-

What do Mobians have in the form of law enforcement? They have the Freedom Fighters to protect them from outer threats, but do that have anything to do something similar to a police force?

If you want to be super technical, we saw policemen in the Knuckles Chaotix Special but in general, we haven't seen a lot of an active police force. And we really don't have much of a basis for... to work off of. We wouldn't really expect to see a lot of a organized police force in the early Knothole days because that was a more of... a guerrilla encampment. And I would assume it would be more of self-policing. In terms of what Knothole City had before the invasion and what New Mobotropolis has now... we really haven't established it at all. Perhaps we could say that it is under something like martial law with the Royal Guard acting as general law enforcement but that's just off-the-top-of-my-head conjecture. We haven't really shown anything concrete.

Bluestreak asks-

I don't know if this occurred before you taking over the book, but was there a reason Tails dropped the "Aunt" when talking to Sally and Bunnie?

That... kind of came before me and I've wanted to find a good time to bring it back but there really hasn't just seemed to be a good opportunity to do so. And I think that stems from Tails' evolution within his placement in the team. Early on he was kind of the baby of the group, he was the one that they were protecting more than he was an acting member and the relationships were more like family. Sonic was more the big brother, Sally and Bunnie were more like the loving aunts to him. Now that Tails has become more of an active member, now that he is a Freedom Fighter, I think he regards his teammates and they regard him more as equals. Which doesn't rule out the family aspect but it kinda overrules it in terms of how they interact with one another. It's kind of a show... a sign of respect from one to the other.

SorcererLance asks

Any chance Spaz told you what the hidden message in the cover of issue #95 was besides his and Harvo's signature?

I have no idea.

Moving on to page ten jcfreak16 asks #1-

Do you foresee you doing (or being able to do) any Sonic parody comics, like Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy?

No. I don't want to do parody comics. Not that they were bad or that they weren't fun in their time but I have so much that I want to tell and do in the book right now I can't justify us taking a pit stop to do a silly thing where we pretend to be somebody else's comic. I think Sonic can stand on his own, we don't really need to ape or pretend to be the other books anymore. If we were going to do something humorous and off-the-cuff I would rather do it in-universe, you know with maybe Bean the Dynamite or something rather than... playing pretend and dress up with other character tropes.

Question #2-

Are you phasing Rotor out of the spotlight, or is it just difficult to find a place to write him in at?

It's a little bit of Column A, it's a little bit of Column B. Part of it is he's become redundant. He was Sonic's best buddy, he was the technical guru and now that's Tails' job. And Tails kind of wins by default since, you know, he is Sega property and he's the one kids are going to come to initially for.... come for initially. Grammar? What's that? And part of it is, that's just how the character has happened to evolve. It's not that it's been a concentrated effort on my part to phase him out, it's just that's how the story has happened to roll out before me. And to a degree there is some planning beforehand, but as with any writing, part of it is just seeing where the story takes you. I know that... not everybody is pleased with Rotor no longer being an active Freedom Fighter and we're going to actually address that a little bit. There's going to be a story this year that gives Rotor a little bit of the limelight which will hopefully tide over the Rotor fans.

Spectre the Hednicat... Hechidnat? Did I say that right? Asks #1-

Is there any chance of us seeing any more Oriental style dragons like Zan?

Sure, I don't see why not. It's been kind of established that you have two types of dragons, the Dulcy model and the Zan model. And we've seen plenty of Dulcy-like dragons and I'm assuming we'll see some other...Zan-like dragons, should we ever see more dragons flying around.

Question #2-

Given your slaughter-pardon me if that sounds rude-


Of a large number of Echidna characters, why keep a minor villain like Moritori Rex?

That's... kind of debatable since we don't know where Moritori Rex is. We know he is with the Brotherhood if they're still alive, if they're somewhere viable. I would saw why he would be kept is because he was one of the more prominent echidna characters. Arguable he was even more important than a lot of the Brotherhood characters that were dismissed during my run. Because he was the one who dis... jumped out Tobor and he was within the Brotherhood for a long time. Part of what we're going to do in the Encyclopedia is reveal a little bit of what he did during his time within the Brotherhood and kind of validate what he was doing for those hundreds of years while incognito.

We all know that Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and Khan have arch-nemeses: Eggman, Finitevus, Black Doom (presumably), and the Iron Queen, respectively. You recently debunked Mammoth Mogul being Tails' nemesis, which was a bit of a misconception. Would you say that any other of the Freedom Fighters/Chaotix have a personal arch-nemesis on the level of those main four, and if so, who? Note: I realize that Eggman and other high level villains apply to everybody, but I'm looking for more personal antagonisms.

I getcha, I getcha. Let me see... off the top of my head... Lien-Da and Julie-Su in a way. Fiona kinda ranks right up there for Sally and Amy and Tails arguably. I really wanted to build up a specific rivalry between Espio and Lightning Lynx. I don't think I've really been able to convey that properly just yet. But those are the only ones that pop up off... OH! Of course Antoine and Patch. I mean, I think that's probably the sharpest, coldest hero/villain dichotomy we got in the book right now.

Ochan asks-

Since you mentioned Tails' Adventure are there any other skimmed over games that you may want to consider adapting into the comic continuity, or is that one of the few SEGA didn't put heavy restrictions on because it was so old and obscure?

Honestly I haven't heard back whether or not Sega thinks anything of the old Tails' Adventure adaptation. But I've kind of toyed with the idea of maybe doing Tails' Skypatrol, I don't know. I know there has been the bantering of ideas back and forth but the real question is do we really want to bring in four completely new characters with an odd motif from a really bad Game Gear game and the answer is not right now. Maybe one day down the road but no immediate plans for that at the moment. The only other things I could think of would be... like the Sonic Drift games and Sonic Labyrinth and no, I don't think we're going to get to those.

Ochan asks-

I'm wondering something over the course of your term writing Sonic I noticed how early on Sonic seemed to have a little bit of a more thoughtless attitude (I'm referring to some insensitive moments leading to Tails and Sonic fight) and in the current issues you seemed to have softened him up a bit (the Eggman stuff). Is this because of fan reaction or just developing Sonic's personality and expanding the character's emotional range?

It's more of the latter. Sonic is still a bit thoughtless and the first of anything with thoughtless people in my experience is that they're thoughtless about some things (which drives you up the wall absolutely) and then they are really, really insightful about other things. Which makes you wonder how they could overlook the things that drove you nuts to begin with. So it's part of just exploring Sonic's character and trying to both make him fit with his SegaSonic persona and making him fit the Archie Sonic persona and be true to both histories and both characterizations and still make it work and have him a... have him as an approachable and likable character in the now. And if you think that isn't a juggling act let me tell you somethin'.

Okay we're coming up close to the next 30-minute mark so I'm going to go ahead and cut us off here and we will see you for part 3!


Welcome back everybody to part 3! Giving a quick listen to the previous two sections I'm going to have to apologize for the breathiness and the occasional snort on my end. I'm a little congested. I'M NOT SICK OR ANYTHING it's just I'm a little clogged so I do apologize for that.

BlueStreak comes back for #2-

I'm not sure how far in advanced you got in Sonic Universe approved got Sonic Universe approved

BAH! Now, see, I can't even read.

But did you write the Enerjak arc with a set story in mind to have Knuckles get the chance to get revenge on Finitevus in the current Sonic Universe arc?

I think I get what you're asking here. The original plan for Enerjak: Reborn was to leave off with Finitevus escaping. Part of the insult to the injury of Locke's demise was that Knuckles, now that he was back to his normal self, having just had all this power, would not get the opportunity to clobber Finitevus into 'salsa', as Vector puts it during the Sonic Universe arc. I mean, it was that last little twist of the knife which really made you feel for Knuckles. So that when Finitevus came back we already would have this great duel set up between the two of them. It wasn't just, "Oh there's Finitevus again, let's get him again for what he did". It was, "Now we finally have a chance to have Knuckles throw down with Finitevus". And ultimately that showed how it was, glorious.

JakeDaReaver asks-

Are Shadow's internal organs (if he has any) designed any differently from normal mobians, since he was created not to need to eat or drink to live?

I would assume so? If they are not then they would have to perform different functions which seems kind of silly to me. I really am not going to hazard a guess on what his internal systems look like or even function as. That's a little too far in the sci-fi realm for me.

Question #2-

If you had no other choice, who would you rather write an arc about: Drago Wolf, Tommy Turtle, or Marine the Raccoon?

Oh boy... umm... part of me would like to go back to Tommy because folks really seem to love the evil cybernetic ADAM-possessed Tommy. And that was a lot fun, but he's already been resurrected, you know, once or twice now so let's just leave him dead. Drago... honestly I've gotten tired of using Drago as a big ol' meat shield. So if we bring Drago back I want to find something different to do with him. But Marine... oh Marine... I mean *in faux Austrailian accent* CRIKEY STREWTH LET'S THROW ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BARBY THROW US A BOOMERANG AND GO *Sorry folks I couldn't decipher what Ian said here. It sounded like 'waltzing through the fields' but I'm not sure.* BWAHAHAHA. God I hate Marine, but she's funny. And when you put her with someone as deadpan as Shadow or you know, as rigid as Blaze it just lends itself to hilarity and I can't say no to that. So if I could pair Marine up with folks, then I would go Marine over the other two. Maybe I should do a whole arc with Marine and Drago going into the afterlife to resurrect Tommy.


Constable MJM asks #1-

Who was the Downunda Freedom Fighter you had the most fun writing?

Ooooh, easily, EASILY that was Guru Emu because here you have the Downunda Freedom Fighters who have been kind of written as a little more hard-edged than... your standard Freedom Fighter group. Especially Barby, being a mercenary of the bush. And out of all these characters *in faux hippie voice* "You totally have, like, Guru Emu man who's all like, peace and love and totally in tune with the Dreamtime. Sha." And putting him in there with all these you know, heavy-fisted characters... it was just a whole lot of fun. I think one of the favorite moments is when he's with the team trying to disable the big old harpoon cannons and he says, "You know what, we can't win this one, so I'm just gonna sit it out." While everyone else is getting clobbered. I find that absolutely hilarious.


You mentioned that the Mercia Freedom Fighters are still around. Any chance of actually seeing them in the future that you know of?

No... big plans for the Mercia Freedom Fighters, at least not right this second. But you will definitely be seeing a more robust cast in the Encyclopedia. You know, when I was doing these I did set out to plug the Encyclopedia so many times.

HA HA happenstance.


Since it seems to be coming up here and there about how good you can write villains.

Thank you, thank you.

How do you balance having a cool villain you can get invested with but at the same time hate them for being such jerks?

I think the fundamental underlying principle is... when we read fantasy, we want to use it as a vehicle of escape. We want to leave the real world behind and we ha... want to enjoy this completely different world where we don't have to think about all the serious real world problems. So right there we're already trying to invest ourselves in something other than the real world. And something that we love most of all is having that snippy comeback. I mean, how many times have you been in argument or you've been told off or something has said something entirely too rude to you and then you don't think of the good comeback until like that night before you go to bed or a couple of days later. In the comic we get to have that snippy one line zinger right there for you. When you do that with the villain, he does exactly what you want to do but he gets away with it being a complete jerk. I mean, with the hero you have to set up the scenario where if he says something mean, it's counter to something that the villain said so he's vindicated. With the villain it's a complete guilty pleasure. The... more on top of things you write him, the more gray his motivations you make, the more accessible he becomes to the reader, and the more you can root for him, or at least love to hate him.

MarcusAmirKrim comes back to ask #2-

Odd question. After looking at Conquering Storm, Lightning Lynx, and Nicole's Holo form I noticed something, Is there something wrong with Conquering Storm's ears? They just seem to flop limp behind her compared to Nicole's and Lightning's, is that just part of her design and there is nothing wrong with them or is it due to an injury from fighting?

Also keep in mind that Conquering Storm is wearing a big, conical hat that pushes her ears downwards. Nicole and Lightning are not wearing hats so their ears get to stand up.

The poster formerly known as Dmitri, Luger, asks #1-

Is Duck "Bill" Platypus considered the Sub-Boss of Downunda since he's leading the Platypus branch of the Dark Egg Legion?

Yes. Anyone that was considered a Sub-Boss can now be called a Grandmaster. With the exception of Iron King and Queen since they kind of work outside of that formula. Since they took over and... did their own thing. It's complicated.


When did Wombat Stu rejoin the Downunda Freedom Fighters? He was seen fighting along side them back in StH #125, yet in SU #11 he makes it sound like he had rejoined them officially much later than that, presumably after Sonic's return from space but before the destruction of Knothole.

There's a bit of a gray area between... when St. John's team disbanded and when the Xorda moved in and when Sonic got flung out into space. It was somewhere within that time. It's fuzzy, but there's enough space for it to make sense.


How do you think Luger viewed his role as Grandmaster and the overall destiny of the Dark Legion, compared to other Grandmasters?

I could get into long-winded conjecture, but at that point it would be completely new characterization... and I would rather spend that kind of time actually writing it in the book. There really isn't anything to go off of with what has been shown in the comic.

Pompadour asks-

The last time we've seen Hidden Palace, it was abandoned by the Echidnas, damaged. That said, the place was still standing, despite all it's been through. Would you say its current condition has changed at all since Return to Angel Island, or is it about the same?

No, I figure it's still standing. It's exactly how they left it when they abandoned the area.


Although Hidden Palace is no longer the home of the Master Emerald (as it's been replaced by Shrine Isle), what potential do you see in the place, for a future story?

I don't really know off the top of my head. There was that tapestry introduced that throws a little bit of a kink into the echidna history. I don't know when I'm gonna tackle that one. I wouldn't really consider it a viable place as a base because Eggman knows of it, he has means of entering there so... for right now it's kind of just going to sit in the back corner gathering dust.

dragoonanime asks-

Will Eggman's bases from the games ever appear in the comic?

If he has a very clearly and a distinctly designed base we might use that, I don't know. It would kinda be up to Sega if they allow us to use that kind of design.

Kaosu Reido asks-

Are there any points you'd like to "clear up" in the comic that kind of slipped through? Things you can tell us, like, things like "oh, sorry, Finny was supposed to drop those rings, shouldn't be a plot hole, my bad"?

Nothing... immediately springs to mind. Anything that hasn't been explained yet can be explained later. If there is something that fans kinda react to when the comic first comes out and they're going, "I don't understand this at all!" and I realize that it wasn't written in and that there really wouldn't be enough to warrant it to become a plot point in the book then I'll explain it in the forum as per each issue coming out.


Will we be getting any more information on Thrash and his backstory within the next year, or is this more of a "we're all going to wait and see" where you get to it "eventually"?

Oh-ho no. You will definitely be getting Thrash's backstory, 100% this year, one way or another, guarantee it. Unless something monumentally horrible happens beyond my control. BUt right now you will definitely, definitely get the story on Thrash this year.

Any interesting stories you can tell us about working on the comic?

Ooooh, there's LOTS of interesting stories, but can I tell them to you?

Noooooooo, nooo.

Who would no... sorry, Astrobot 7000 asks #1-

Who would Sonic nominate as best man for his wedding assuming Tails and his family members were disqualified?

Rotor. Failing Rotor, Antoine. If you barred all the Freedom Fighters, Mighty.


Which character do you think has seen the most evolution in personality throughout the comic? My vote is for Sally or Antoine. Yours?

Going back through the previous answer in the other session I would say Nicole or Snively. Well, that's in terms of character... in terms of personality? Yeah, I guess Sally because she went from absolute bottom-of-the-barrel to... back to fairly competent.

Question #3-

Chaotix VS Freedom Fighters in paintball. Who wins?

That would be... a pretty close one. I think it would really hinge on whether or not Espoi can make his paintball gun vanish with him or if Sonic just spam shots in every direction with his super speed and just happens to hit everybody.

Aurora_Redwinters asks-

Would you say Scourge has actual feelings for Fiona, or was their relationship merely one of convenience?

Oh-ho-ho-ho wouldn't YOU like to know? I'm not gonna spill the beans on that, you gotta wait and see!

The Illustrious Q, most illustrious of all the letters across the alphabet asks #1-

I was going over the old Script Bits feature and I was wondering, for those of us not in the know for the comic industry, what does CODE#: and C.C.: refer to?

Perfectly honest, I'm not sure. I have a... default file that I use to start off every issue script with and the code number and the CC are filled in by the editors. The code number I know is what that issue is referred to in the systems for the archiving and for all the order forms when they go to print. That is determined at the editorial level so I don't really know going in. The CC, if it's meant for Carbon Copy, it probably is... who on the art team it's getting sent to but otherwise, I honestly don't know.

Question #2-

Do all of Eggman's subbosses


Have uniforms similar to his or is it more of a case by case basis?

It's going to be more of a case by case basis. With Bill's... I thought it was kind of fun to do him in that design. But other Grandmasters that we'll be seeing will... have... kind of similar thematics to the costume, but we don't want them to become too same-y. So they'll be kind of changed up between individual ones. There's one Grandmaster that we'll be coming across this year that you simply cannot put in an Eggman-styled suit. I... suppose you could but it would look really weird.

Orion101 asks-

The identity of Rutans father has been debated by fans almost since his introduction. In your opinion why do you think fans are so fascinated with discovering this when they couldn't seem to care less about Argyle or Salma's unknown parents?

I'm... not sure. Really. I think it's part of the allure of the villain's side. I mean, with the heroes, you assume that they met somebody nice and they settled down and they had a loving family and that's boring. Rutan comes from one of the most malicious, back-stabbing... evil women in the comic. And you have to wonder, what guy would be brave enough to settle down and create a child with her? That's... the best explanation I can think of outside of people seem to go ga-ga over echidnas in general.


In terms of how much force is under their punches and how much they can lift who is stronger Bunnie or Omega?

I... think in terms of raw power, Omega's probably stronger. I think in a technical physics sense (which we're applying to cybernetic talking bunny people) Bunnie would have the more potent punch. But... where Bunnie might be able to hit a little more concentrated a little more harder, Omega can turn his fist into a missile-shooting flamethrower, so at that point, who really cares who hits harder!


You may hate me for this


But how do you view Tails relationship with his semi counterpart Marine?

I think they're a fun... odd couple potentially. Because Tails is trying very much to be mature and act older than his age and Marine is completely unrelenting, uninhibited crazy little girl going WA-WA-WA-WA trying to build everything. So having Tails, who already tries to rein Sonic in, try to rein in Marine, would be... rather funny actually.

Alright page 11, the grand finale! DUUZ asks #1-

In Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 you have Rico, Spike and Honch. My question is are we ever gonna find out the names of the other 2?

First off, I may be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure that... in the story where we see Zan, it is heavily implied that... those two unnamed guys were killed Zan. I'm going to have go back and double check. Secondly, we might have an unused Data-File somewhere at the home office that names them, but I don't know their names off the top of my head. If they aren't named, and if they do come back in some compacity... I don't know, maybe I can clear a thing with the editor and do a contest and have the fans name 'em. I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see. We aren't really planning on bringing back Sigma-Alpha 2 anytime soon.

Question #2-

Can we look forward to some elaboration on any other Destructix this year?

We're gonna get lots of hints on Lightning Lynx. We're gonna get a little bit of a hint on what makes the original Fearsome Foursome click together as a group. But there's no immediate plans for any of the other members, at least not this year.


Are we ever possibly gonna see what became of Liu Chi Mei and Liu Fang?

Not... this year and if we return to the Dragon Kingdom maybe. I'm still debating whether or not they were within the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters that Monkey Khan destroyed. On the one hand it seems likely they would of joined such a movement. On the other hand, I would feel bad not... reusing the characters to their fullest potential. So we'll just have to wait and see... what opportunity arises.

And well... I just scrolled down and the last post is mine. Which means we're done! Which means ALL THE QUESTIONS FROM DECEMBER HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! YAAAAAY! Imagine the Kermit Frog... Kermit the Frog arms waving around... YAAAAY! Thanks everybody ever so much for being so patient with me. Feel free to start a new thread to discuss the answers here and let me know if anything didn't come through clearly, if things sounded muddled, if I need to rerecord something. And let me know if this is the kind of format that you guys would like, we might do this more in the future, or if you guys are tired of hearing my wheezy, nasally voice. I... whichever you guys want.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wrap this up and get back to doing writing some Sonic stuff. Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoyed.
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Postby Duuz Diz Din » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:33 pm

Your a good man JC! I mean that from the bottom of this guys heart I just ripped out! :twisted:
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Postby Para » Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:23 pm

*puts on official evil villain hat and cape, and somehow grows a monstrous handlebar mustache* Curse you, JC! You may have beaten me to the punch on part three, but we shall meet again on the typing field of battle! And on that day, I will wear my non-hooded evil villain cape, which is much more aerodynamic and will not slow me down as much! And the wind itself shall sing of our glorious combat in the making of words from hearing things into seeing things!

(Not a problem, JC! I concede this round to you, and great job putting it all together and formatting it! Ha ha, wouldn't it be fun to be ridiculously "epic" transcribing rivals?)
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Postby theJcfreak » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:35 pm

Para wrote:Ha ha, wouldn't it be fun to be ridiculously "epic" transcribing rivals?

As awesome as that sounds, I really wouldn't have the time to. This one transcribing took far longer than I realized it would and I don't really have that much time to invest in it. So... I don't know, perhaps we could split up the parts and each do half or something... I don't know. I don't even know if I'll transcribe again.

Did anyone feel some of these answers were rather... dodgy? Like

Dodgy Answer wrote:No... concentrated plans on delving into the history of Mobius between... the rise of Albion and the rise of Old Mobotropolis. There's a big gap in there, never mind the whole Forgotten Wars, where we don't really know what was going on and I kind of want to maintain that mystery. Because I think that mystery is part of the allure of... the fantasy. You have some unexplained elements that give you room to create new things and I think that if we got in and explained every tiny little piece in between, it would lose some of that fun that comes from not knowing what happened. I mean, we may touch upon it a little bit here and there as we unearth more and introduce more new material. But we're not going to get in and fully explain everything I don't think.

Or maybe

Dodgy Answer #2 wrote:If we bring back the Arctic Freedom Fighters, we're bringin' back the Arctic Freedom Fighters. Nothing wrong with Sealia and Augustus on their own but two characters do not a Freedom Fighter team make. We're bringin' back Erma, we bring back Flip, we bring back Guntevere....... So if we bring 'em back, we're bringin' them all back.

Does this at least mean we can expect to see the AFFs? I wonder!
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Postby Count Koopula » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:42 pm

He said "And go Waltzing Matilda" in his hilarious Marine/Aussie-stereotype imitation. :wink:
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Postby Para » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:05 pm

jcfreak16 wrote:
Para wrote:Ha ha, wouldn't it be fun to be ridiculously "epic" transcribing rivals?

As awesome as that sounds, I really wouldn't have the time to. This one transcribing took far longer than I realized it would and I don't really have that much time to invest in it. So... I don't know, perhaps we could split up the parts and each do half or something... I don't know. I don't even know if I'll transcribe again.

Aw, shoot. I'm never going to get an arch-nemesis at this rate!
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Postby SorcererLance » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:08 pm

I kinda liked the recorded answers, it felt a little more personal hearing it from his own mouth..... though it is a little bit of a hassle to skim through the recording for your own answer and writing a transcript would take a long while
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Postby Para » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:20 pm

So far, I think "Ask Ian: The Podcast" seems to be a hit! :D

I'm willing to transcribe in future, but it does take me a little while to type everything. Maybe if we asked Ian fewer questions? Or maybe Ian could talk slower? :wink:
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Postby SonicBlueRanger » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:25 am

I actually really like the download version of ask Ian and I certainly wouldnt complain if there where more in the future.
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Postby shinginta » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:52 am

Para wrote:
jcfreak16 wrote:
Para wrote:Ha ha, wouldn't it be fun to be ridiculously "epic" transcribing rivals?

As awesome as that sounds, I really wouldn't have the time to. This one transcribing took far longer than I realized it would and I don't really have that much time to invest in it. So... I don't know, perhaps we could split up the parts and each do half or something... I don't know. I don't even know if I'll transcribe again.

Aw, shoot. I'm never going to get an arch-nemesis at this rate!
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Postby Vampfox » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:00 am

I think that it's kind of sad that Sega wants the artists to make the characters look like there SegaSonic versions.
I like the SegaSonic look, but I think that it really puts a limit on the artist.
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Postby ReifuTD » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:20 am

Shadowfan wrote:I think that it's kind of sad that Sega wants the artists to make the characters look like there SegaSonic versions.
I like the SegaSonic look, but I think that it really puts a limit on the artist.

I think there is enough leeway, I does give the comic a more cartoonish look over all. :? I wonder what SEGA thought about Tracy giving Blaze breasts then.
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Postby SorcererLance » Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:13 am

ReifuTD wrote:
Shadowfan wrote:I think that it's kind of sad that Sega wants the artists to make the characters look like there SegaSonic versions.
I like the SegaSonic look, but I think that it really puts a limit on the artist.

I think there is enough leeway, I does give the comic a more cartoonish look over all. :? I wonder what SEGA thought about Tracy giving Blaze breasts then.

There seems to be a certain level of leeway, that much is true, though I also miss the variety of art styles most of the previous artists in the past gave the characters.

Like for example, Jon Gray's style seemed to work well for more comedic stories while J. Axer and Steven Butler's older style seemed more appropriate for more dramatic stories.

Though it sorta saddens me to realize we may not have the amount of variety the comics used to have back in the day, part of the fun for me picking up the comics as a kid was to see the varied art styles... Though I suppose that may be just me.
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